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Stunning Butcher Block Counters . . . Are Not for Everyone

butcher block counter
Butcher block counters are so gorgeous! They evoke French country kitchens and a slower, more thoughtful time.

Kitchen before and after In truth, they are not for everyone. More than one homeowner has rued the day butcher block was chosen, If the finish is not rock hard, they can get stained, gouged and encrusted with years of accumulated foodstuffs.

I visited a home remodel done by aspiring professional chef Ian and his wife. It was a lovely and expensive remodel and included a butcher block counter. The contractor told Ian he would regret that counter, especially in combination with the tall professional-grade faucet he chose. But Ian wanted that look.

A few years later, I contacted Ian and asked about any regrets. I like doing that, getting the old 20-20 retrospective from folks who have remodeled. And sure enough, he hated those blasted counters. They were constantly stained from the faucet overspray. He so wishes he had chosen something rock hard.

But . . . if you’re not an aspiring chef, and you’re fairly careful and diligent about wiping them off, well then I guess you’ll be OK.

Butcher block counter I’m certainly happy for Vanessa of This and That blog. She and her husband stained and installed the gorgeous IKEA butcher block counters you see here. What an improvement fromt the kitchen before (above right).

And, they did it on a budget. Check this out:

Butcher block: (Ikea for the whole kitchen) $393

Sink: (scratch and dent at Home Depot) $67

See a complete tutorial on how this resourceful couple pulled off this graceful project and check out the whole kitchen.

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