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Style, grace and a budget: Some guys seem to have it all

Baltonmontage_2Carl Balton, who bought and remodeled a beaten-down Mar Vista home, is an accountant type who is good with money and numbers. And frankly, I’m a little jealous of his numbers acumen.

Then, he did a totally organized and low-cost remodel that is filled with easygoing grace. Again, green envy.

And then, to top it off, a reader identifying herself as Carl’s ex-girlfriend just posted a comment about his house saying how Carl always did have style and congratulating him on this remodel. I mean, does it get any better than that?

So I thought I’d look closely at before and after photos of Carl’s remodel (click to enlarge) and point out some of the upgrades that he did himself, or with various friends that he paid to help him. Carl also hired pros when that was the wise thing to do. Knowing when to spend the money and when to not spend the money is key.

Part of Carl’s strategy was buying a sound house that already had good features like a nice tile roof, hardwood floors and a workable floor plan. Therefore, he did not have to spend thousands of dollars shoring up a bad foundation, for instance, or tearing out rotted walls. Most of what he spent his time (eight weeks) and money ($25,000) on added much to the visual beauty of the home.

You can read the whole story, and see where the money went.

How do you think Carl did with his remodel?

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