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Changafter_3I’m looking for Southern California remodeling projects to feature on this blog and in the print edition of the L.A. Times.

Have you done a remodel you’re proud of? One you’d like to show off? I want to see it!

Changkitchenbefore_3What I love most: Budget-minded remodels in which the owners — that would be you — are involved and passionate. And if you have taken great photos, all the better.

(One stipulation: Your house cannot be on the market, and it’s best you don’t plan on putting it on the market during the next six months.)

I like to know why you decided to remodel. What was the final impetus? How did you determine your budget? How did you find a contractor? Or did you do it yourself? How did you decide on the materials you used? And where did you get them?

Also, what did you learn from the experience that you would like to share with others? What would you do different next time?

Please email your before-and-after photos to along with a brief story of your remodel.

(Photo: This is the budget remodel of Charles Chang in Long Beach. He did a whole-house remodel for about $45,000. The beautiful after photo was taken by LUIS SINCO of the L.A. Times.)

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