The $12,000 luxury kitchen remodel revisited

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Feb• 17•09

Last year, we enjoyed reading about a $12,000 luxury kitchen remodel with granite counters, tile back splashes and nice appliances.

Now that the economy is terrible, it's time to revisit the topic of what I like to call "tightwad remodeling."

To the right, you see the kitchen being used for Christmastime cooking. 

And isn't that the point of a new kitchen? To have pots on the cooktop and trays all over the counters?

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  1. TTF says:

    Thanks for featuring our kitchen once again. Your point is right on – we made the kitchen to be used, and not for show. It can still look nice and have (hopefully) embody craftsmanship. There is activty there throughout the day, and we often have friends over and hang out there.
    In the spirit of “tightwad” remodeling, I have been working on our home theater and new garden shed shown on my other blog.

  2. Duane Hall says:

    That’s pretty amazing you could do all that for only $12000. A typical kitchen remodel is three times that.

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