The disaster-proof house panels: lightweight, waterproof, nonflammable, mold-resistant and termite-proof

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Feb• 04•10


From Builder Magazine:

Who will rebuild Haiti and provide permanent shelter for the ravaged country’s now estimated one million homeless people?

InnoVida, a Miami-based building materials manufacturer, says it can–just not with the standard residential combination of steel, concrete, and wood.

Instead, the company is donating houses made with a product it debuted at last month’s International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas: structural insulated panels (SIPs) made of a lightweight fiber composite similar to the material used to make boat hulls, aircraft components, and wind turbine blades. The patented, load-bearing technology is lightweight, waterproof, nonflammable, mold-resistant, and termite-proof.

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  1. We see this all the time when looking for property to rehab. Of course there’s always that decision to make when making any improvement – Will I recover most of the costs when I sell and do I really care since I have to live here?

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