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The ‘fruits of foreclosure’ may bring new offerings to EBay, Craigslist

KohoutcabinetsA woman in Ontario has been locked out of her historic home — which is being foreclosed upon — for selling historic items in the house on Craigslist. She says she added the items, like antique light fixtures, herself and therefore has a right to sell them before she loses the house. The city, which granted her a tax break to preserve the 1935 classic Mediterranean Revival, begged to differ, saying once you install a light fixture, it’s part of the house.

Read the whole story at the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

This reminds me of a Pardon Our Dust feature I wrote a few years ago. The owners of an historic yet trashed house in Pasadena had found some absolutely gorgeous cabinets (pictured here) in the Recycler for only $1,800, which is outrageously cheap (and over which I was painfully jealous). The story was that the seller had yanked them out of a house that was going into foreclosure and stored them in his garage. I believe they originally cost $20,000.

So all this got me thinking . . . with the explosion in foreclosures these days, as a result of the problems with sub-prime mortgages, it’s possible more amazing home-improvement deals will show up on the Internet. I’m thinking of kitchen and bath fixtures, cabinets, counters, lighting, fancy moldings.

I’m not saying it’s right to strip a house before foreclosure. I’m just saying these things might end up for sale.

And it also got me thinking: Do you care about the circumstances under which used items came to be listed on Craigslist, EBay or the Recycler?

Does the story behind a deal matter to you?

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