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The Nightmare Remodel: How it goes wrong and how to make it go right

Today begins a new series on nightmare remodeling. Later on, I'll compile these posting into a book. Your comments are welcome!

After writing about remodeling for 20 years, here's what occurs to me: one group of people know exactly what causes remodels to turn into nightmares. Those people are the ones who are involved heavily and often in homes and remodeling — people like contractors, subcontractors, landlords, craftspeople, and home remodeling writers like myself.

There is also a bigger group of people who know very little about remodeling, and those people are called homeowners. The problem is that homeowners are typically running the show. And that makes sense, as they are footing the bill. But here you have the most unknowing party driving the action. Obviously, there will be needless mistakes made; that's what novices do, make mistakes.

The purpose of this series is to transfer some of the knowledge from those of us who see remodeling pitfalls on a daily basis to those of you who will do only one or two or a few remodels in a lifetime. With our experience and knowledge, and with your desire and money and effort, there's no reason every remodel can't be a stunning success.

Agree or disagree?

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