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The Nightmare Remodel: What if you did everything right and things still went wrong?

Doug did due diligence, hired a respected and licensed contractor, and still had
problems. In fact, he found himself giving the contractor direction on how to do the job right. Here's what Doug wrote:

What I would like
to know is, as a new homeowner who knew next to nothing about remodeling, and
who hired a well-regarded licensed contractor who has been in the business for
many years and has excellent referrals, and was not cheap by any means, have
been able to catch numerous mistakes they have made including: 

1. Improper
flashing of windows.

2. Failure to use
proper insulation for cathedral ceiling 

3. Failure to
properly level patio surrounding new add-on so water flows away from structure.

4 And more.
Before the advent
of the Internet there is no way I would have been able to catch these mistakes.
Now I'm not only able to catch them, I can give the contractor technical docs,
videos, instructions from the manufacturer on how to do it properly. 

Why do I, the
homeowner have to find the mistakes because the contractor has been doing it
the same way throughout the years and is unable or unwilling to keep up with
the latest building best practices?

Do you have feedback for Doug on why this happened? 

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