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The Seven Sins of Remodeling

GordongibsonPacific Palisades building contractor Gordon Gibson offers clients a tip sheet of common remodeling mistakes, as was reported in the Palisadian-Post. The sins are:

1. PRIDE: “I can do everything myself; I don’t need any help!”
2. LUST: “I must work with this architect on my home, under any circumstance. If I don’t, I can’t go on!”
3. GREED: “I want it all, but at a discount!”
4. GLUTTONY: Your eyes are bigger than your pocketbook.
5. ANGER: “You’re fired!”
6. SLOTH: I’m too tired to make a decision now; maybe later.”
7. ENVY: “Why doesn’t it look like the picture?”

Read more about the sins and Gibson’s absolutions

(Photo: Rich Schmitt /Palisadian-Post)

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