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These Pathetic Garden Swings: What to Do? What to Do?

Pathetic garden swings

During these lovely spring days, your thoughts may turn to buying an inexpensive metal garden swing with a charming fabric canopy.

I have one short piece of advice for you: DON’T DO IT!

Pictured here (bottom) is one of these swings I spotted on a SoCal balcony. The metal is rusted. The fabric is rotted and torn. And it’s not because of abuse. My own inexpensive swing (top) deteriorated in just a couple of years and I finally took off the rotten canopy.

Now I’m wondering what to do with it. I thought I might sew a new canopy, but I seem to be allergic to my sewing machine. One idea is to get some of that webbing that you use on lawn furniture and weave it back and forth over the top to create some kind of shelter.

Any more ideas? If you’ve replaced your rotten canopy with something, please, please e-mail a photo.

And if you’re tempted by one of these cheap models as you stroll through a garden section this spring, please take my advice, and do not yield to that temptation. Otherwise you’ll be looking at a mess like this in a few short years. And that’s what’s called living unsustainably.

You’re better off getting an all-wood swing, or paying more for a high-quality swing with a long-lasting material like Sunbrella.

Any suggestions for my poor, pathetic swing?

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