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Thinking again about a backup generator

PalmstormThe power is out where I live (and maybe soon where you live), and I have this to say:

Hallelujah for daylighting (i.e. lots of windows), gas heat, gas stove, gas water heater, cell phones, land lines and a lot of charge on my laptop computer. And when this battery winds down, I’ll plug the laptop into my car charger and get it back up.

But if the power’s not up soon, I’m sure I won’t be singing my gratitude list tonight when it’s dark and I’m getting miserable. And it won’t be the dark and quiet I mind so much, but the fact that my life is being compromised because of the power company’s shortcomings. (Note to power companies: The place for power lines is underground.)

And so I’m thinking about how lovely it would be to have installed a propane backup generator. Of course, now is too late, in the middle of a storm, to be acting on these thoughts. I need to want a generator when the sun is shining and the power is on, like it was back in September when I first blogged about getting a generator. Back then, you may remember, it was a heat wave that took down the power grid.

If anyone reading this blog has a backup computer, I’d love to hear from you. Please gloat a little. Was your investment worth it? How much did it cost? Does it run on propane or diesel? Any regrets? Any recommendations for the rest of us?

Please, please post your comments below. Your experiences could help keep the generator idea alive for me and others when the current storms are long gone.

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