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Tired of heating and air conditioning your attic space?

The video below shows the hands-on basics of sealing your ducts. I like the part where this HVAC expert uses toilet paper to find leaks in the system. Then, he shows you how to seal them up. This is not just theory or book learning, folks. This is the real thing.

So will you spend a few moments of your time on this? The investment could be great. Getting your ducts sealed sure beats losing your money to needlessly high heating and air conditioning costs. And you know that condensation that forms when air leaks out of the system? That's not a good thing.


 Video from Train2Rebuild.

5 Comments on Tired of heating and air conditioning your attic space?

  1. It is definitely a good idea to have an expert over to look at your heating and air conditioning units. They can give you advise like yours to help lower you bill and even improve your health. This is the first time I heard about the toilet paper though, nice!

  2. I do agree that it is always best and advisable to get a professional to check out your heating and air conditioning units. They can give expert advice on improving the efficiency of the units.

  3. I agree that having a professional over to inspect is the first thing you should do. They can show you all kinds of things to save you money on cooling and heating that you may have never realized before.

  4. During these crazy temperatures in the US, air conditioning is a must. It makes the home and work environment more comfortable and productive. Making my home more energy and cost efficient is so important to me. This post really targets a lot of questions. The video is great.

  5. The number 1 problem that I have seen with residential HVAC units in San Antonio is improper duct design. Our city wastes a lot of energy in air loss to attics. The problem is, most people don’t even realize they have a problem. If the system turns on it must work right?
    Air duct systems are vital to a home being comfortable and efficient. Optimizing air duct systems can have a much greater impact on energy efficiency than replacing the central AC system. CPS Energy in San Antonio, TX offers up to $2500 per system in rebates on duct replacements and only up to $800 for 18 SEER air conditioners or heat pumps.
    If you notice hot or cold spots in your home or excess dust, it might be a good time to contact a qualified HVAC company that is close to your residence. Most companies that specialize in air balancing and air duct design are NCI (National Comfort Institute) certified.
    I hope this information helps anyone out there looking to make their home more sustainable.

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