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Too much weird green?

Housepaint3choices2_2The red I’ve chosen for my house is absolutely awesome. Perfect. Fills me with joy.

But the green trim? I’m not sure it’s the perfect color. But there’s something I like about it, love it actually, but in limited amounts.

Here are the three scenarios we’re considering:

1. Lots of green, on the fascia, around the windows in the gable end, as well as the wide band below the windows, plus highlighting the beams under the eaves.

2. Less green, on the fascia, highlighting the beams, on the corners, and a narrow band below the gable end.

3. Green only on the fascia.

I feel kind of goofy asking this, but: Which do you like better?

Here’s the history on my thinking: This green is not the green I asked the painting contractor to match. But when he brought it over, I could not figure out which other green to choose, so I stayed with this one. (I say "I" but it was a family decision, with me in the lead.)

When the green trim went up, it was shocking.

The painting contractor’s dad, who was also a painting contractor back in the day, has an interesting philosophy: He says one should paint the house color first, get used to it over a period of time, and then choose the trim color. I think that’s a great idea!

But in the spirit of green building and not wasting what we’ve already got, here we are with three scenarios and the painters coming back in a few days to finish. I am surprised how much I like the red all by itself, with green only on the fascia (3). I was not aiming for a contemporary, sophisticated, hip look, but the scenario with most red looks kinda hip to me.

So, if you have an opinion about this, I’d like to hear it.

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