TV budget design trick: Use exterior lighting fixtures inside

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - May• 14•08

These lamps are made for the outside, but look good on the inside.
Well, why not use outdoor lanterns inside? There’s no law against it.

I saw this budget design trick last night on “Designed to Sell” with Lisa LaPorta. She’s a SoCal gal, in case you didn’t know.

In this particular show, Lisa wanted to punch up the sconces on either side of a vintage fireplace and add more metal to the room. Lisa calls metal the “jewelry” that completes the look of a room.

But rather than shopping for the wall lamps in the interior lighting section, she perused the exterior lights, which tend to give you more drama for the dollar. The lamp shown here, with a rubbed-oil bronze look, costs $79 at Lowe’s, though Lisa said on the show that she got hers for $35 each.

Can you imagine something like this inside a house? It would be especially fitting in one of the small Spanish bungalows we see in these parts.

(Photos: Designed to Sell, Lowe’s)

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  1. lil_gaucha says:

    I guess it depends on the house! I really think something like that would look really stupid and out of place in my house!
    But then, my house currently doesn’t have floors in two rooms and only got ceiling lights last week. Perhaps that looks a wee bit stupid too. :)

  2. Merri Cvetan says:

    Clever and inexpensive design requires thinking out side the box. If you cannot find the “right” item in the “right” department, then coming up with the perfect solution takes a little ingenuity. Shop the hardware department of any local small store of big box retailer and you can find unique ideas for everything from drapery rods to towel bars to artwork. Shopping at resale stores and flea markets can get your creative juices flowing (for a fraction of the cost).
    Merri Cvetan
    MEC Design Studio

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