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TV Review: ‘Myles of Style’

KimmylesThis was supposed to be a review of the new HGTV show "Myles of Style," hosted by Kim Myles, who won the Design Star 2 competition and was rewarded with her own show.

I say this was "supposed" to be a review because I missed the premiere Sunday night. It seems my satellite TV service is on Eastern Standard Time while I, of course, am on Pacific Standard Time. So I missed it.

I’m bummed about it because the show promised low-cost design ideas. And I’m into that.

Even though I haven’t seen the show I already like it, mainly because the host does not look like a super model. Yippee!

Anyone catch the premiere?

UPDATE: Here’s a review of the show and an interview with Kim Myles by Rick Ellis on All Your TV.

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