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UPDATE: Bail Offered to Rolling Hills Estates Man Sentenced to Jail for Building Permit Violations

Illegal fence

UPDATE: The Daily Breeze reports that Francisco Linares will not have to report to jail Monday after all if he posts $100,000 bail. Superior Court Judge Sandra Thompson ruled that Linares could remain free while appealing his six-month sentence for violating his plea agreement for municipal code violations.

My original posting from Aug. 29:

The Daily Breeze reported Monday, Aug. 27, that an insurance company manager, Francisco Linares, was sentenced to six months in jail, without the possibility of probation or home arrest, for failing to get permits for a fence, retaining wall, patio and concrete columns at his Rolling Hills Estates home.

According to the newspaper report, after Linares pleaded no contest in January to five misdemeanor counts of violating the Rolling Hills Estates municipal building code, Torrance Superior Court Judge Sandra Thompson gave him six months to get final permits for the improvements or take them down.

He apparently did neither.

Comments from Breeze readers ran the gamut from he shoulda followed the law to throw the judge out of office. Here’s a taste:

Our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves. The right to life, liberty and property, eh? Just another constraint on the bundle of rights that used to come with ownership.

. . . and . . .

So, had they let Linares off the hook, here’s the message it would have sent to the law-abiding who spent the time and money to comply: SUCKERS — You got run through the wringer for obeying the rules, and you should have ignored them like Linares did. You may not like the rules, but isn’t it up to the citizens of RHE to decide what kind of community they have?

I agree with the judge. What’s your opinion?

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