Wanna be on TV? 2013 casting calls from HGTV

Written By: admin - Dec• 21•12
  1. Here’s what’s cooking on HGTV for early 2013:

    Get a Backyard Makeover From HGTV Landscaping Pros

    If you have an ugly yard with great potential, let our team of landscaping pros turn it into an amazing outdoor space.

    More Info

    Let Us Help Renovate Your San Fran House

  1. Let HGTV Pros Help Renovate Your San Francisco Home

    We’re looking for buyers who recently purchased a home and need help managing a renovation.

    More Info

    Jonathan and Drew Scott want to give your house a makeover

    HGTV’s Property Brothers Want to Upgrade Your Home

    Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott are looking for homeowners whose homes need improvement.

  1. Like turning a sad old piece of furniture into happy new decor?

    If You Love Flea Markets, HGTV Has a Show for You

    Do you love finding forgotten treasures and turning them into art? Apply now to be a part of the new HGTV show Flea Market Flip.

    More Info

  1. Let us help get your house ready for buyers!

    Are You Struggling to Sell Your Home In Los Angeles?

    If your home has been sitting on the market, let our team of experts make the changes needed to get it sold!

    More info

  1. Get a serious home upgrade

    HGTV Wants to Seriously Upgrade Your LA Home

    Do you live in Los Angeles and have a property in need of an upgrade? You could be a part of a great new design competition show.

    More Info

  1. HGTV Design Star

    New Season of HGTV Design Star Is Now Casting

    Here is your chance to star in your own series on HGTV

    More Info

  1. Are you a DIY pro? Show America your skills!

    New Major HGTV Competition Series Is Now Casting

    Are you a creative professional who wants to compete for a major cash prize on HGTV?

    More Info

  1. Let us renovate your home and add more space

    Does Your House Need Some Extra Room? HGTV Might Be Able to Help

    HGTV’s Elbow Room is currently looking for people in Atlanta who have outgrown their home and are in desperate need of a renovation.

    More Info

  1. Let us fix your busted-up house

    Has Something Catastrophic Happened to Your House? HGTV Wants to Fix It

    Apply to take part of a new HGTV series and our team of pros will rebuild, redecorate and make it better than before.

    More Info

  1. Find your first home with the help of the Property Virgins team

    HGTV’s Property VirginsIs Coming to Atlanta

    We’re looking for energetic individuals, couples, and families who are buying their first home between August and November 2012.

    More Info

  1. Shop for your dream house in beautiful New Jersey

    We’re Looking for Home Shoppers in New Jersey

    We’re casting homebuyers ready to embark on the exciting process of finding their dream home in New Jersey! Our featured buyers will tour exquisite homes guided by local real estate experts.

    More Info

  1. You Could Win a Living Room Makeover by Meg Caswell

    Does Your Living Room Make You Cringe?

    Show us photos and/or videos of your embarrassing living room, and you could win a stunningly gorgeous HGTV makeover by designer and Great Roomshost Meg Caswell!

    More Info

  1. There once was a strange old lady who lived in a shoe, was it you?

    Is Your Home Fabulous, Unique or Downright Strange?

    If your house stops people in their tracks, HGTV’s new series Home, Strange Home may want to feature you and your must-see house!

    More Info

  1. We're looking for some Jersey real estate pros

    We’re Looking for Exciting New Jersey Real Estate Experts

    We’re looking for passionate realtors with big personalities who cater to a colorful clientele looking to find their dream home in New Jersey.

    More Info

  1. Los Angeles Skyline

    Are You Buying or Selling a Home in Los Angeles?

    Are you having trouble finding the perfect home? Do you have a house on the market that you’re having trouble selling? Apply now to be on HGTV’s new real estate series.

    More Info

  1. Are You Buying a Home Outside the United States?

    We’re looking for energetic individuals, couples and families who are passionate about their search for a new home or vacation property abroad.

    More Info

  1. Are you sitting on a goldmine? Let our auctioneer appraise your treasures

    HGTV is Seeking Sellers and Their Treasures!

    Do you have tons of great stuff that you think might be worth something? Let our auctioneer appraise and sell your treasures!

    More Info

  1. Let Us Create a Dream Bedroom for Your Teen or Tween

    Get an Amazing Bedroom Makeover for Your Teen or Tween

    Has your teen outgrown his or her childhood bedroom? Let us give your teenage son or daughter an amazing bedroom makeover!

    More Info

  1. Let Us Build You a Man or Woman Cave

    Get an Awesome Man Cave or Mom Cave

    Do you need your own space for some “me time,” or a cool hangout for you and the guys? Let our designers reinvent your space!

    More Info

  1. Let HGTV Refresh Your Space

    Let HGTV Update Your Decor

    Fed up with your old decor and looking for a change, but you’re not sure what you like? Let us remake your room!

    More Info

  1. We want to update the home of an active duty military person

    Attention Active Duty Military: Let Our HGTV Design Experts Update Your Home

    Want to give a returning military member a great welcome home present? Let our designers create an exciting new room in their home for free!

    More Info

  1. Make your house a star, apply to be on Curb Appeal: The Block

    We’re Looking for San Francisco Homeowners Who Want a Curb Appeal Makeover

    We are currently casting fun, outgoing homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area to be featured on the 4th season of HGTV’s Curb Appeal: The Block makeover show.

    More Info

  1. Show off your contractor skills on a new HGTV series

    We’re Looking for Homeowners in Los Angeles Who Want to Be On TV

    Think you’ve got what it takes to be the general contractor on your own renovation? Apply to be on the new HGTV series Professional Grade.

    More Info

  1. Colorful Children's Room

    The Hottest Design Team Wants to Transform Your Family’s Home

    We’re looking for energetic and vibrant family homeowners in the New York Tri-State area who want their homes to match their family’s personalities, but who may not have the vision to make it happen.

    More Info

  1. Jingle bells!

    We’re Looking for the Ultimate New England Christmas Decorator!

    Are you an extreme Christmas decorator and the envy of your neighbors, family and friends? Then you could be part of an HGTV Christmas special all about the magic of the holiday season!

    More Info

  1. Behold the Christmas Clydsedales!

    Compete With Your Neighbors in a Christmas Decorating Showdown!

    Are you and your neighbors ready to see who has the most-Christmasy house on the block as decided by HGTV?

    More Info

  1. Battle On the Block

    Compete With Your Neighbors in a Home Design Showdown

    Are you ready, willing and able to compete against your neighbors to see which family on your block can outshine and out-design the other?

    More Info

  1. House Hunters

    Are You Getting Ready to Buy a Home? We Want to Show Your Story on HGTV!

    HGTV is looking for energetic individuals, couples and families who are passionate about their search for a new home or vacation property.

    More Info

  1. Renovation Realities

    Would You Like to Take On Your Next Remodeling Project on National TV?

    We are searching for dynamic homeowners who aren’t afraid to show their true personalities!

    More Info

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  1. We have a huge yard that our labs took over went from grass to dirt we love to BBQ watch the birds relax but how can you when dirt is flying around, yuk please we need help 55 brookwood rd clifton nj 07012 973-777-7676 or 201-889-7897 we need a yard that we and our pets can enjoy together……

    Thanks for your time. Stacy and Dave odtrander

  2. Lillian Lugani says:

    Do anyone do projects or shows in North Carolina?
    I had a stroke last June. I need help doing my kitchen.

  3. Susan Thomas says:

    My husband and I live in Las Vegas and love to thrift store, junk store,and flea market shop. We make furniture and lighting out of unexpected items. We refinish and repurpose all kinds of items.We live close enough to L.A. to easily be a part of the L.A. Flea Market Flip. We would love to be a part of this show and everyone that knows us tells us we should be on there. Lara has already been a part of the show I work for, Le Reve, so I would now love to be a part of her show!
    Thank you,
    Susan Thomas

    • april says:

      I live in San Diego and would love for me and my sister to be on flea market flip LA! I’m an artist and my sister has worked for home depot for a few years. We love building and recreating new items from antiques! How do we get on this show?

  4. Lucy Dahl says:

    I’ve been a HGTV fan for many many years and have gotten to see and love so much of what you do. I’ve loved watching Lanscapers Challenge and Ground Breakers as well as others. Since watching your shows my dreams began! I’m so hoping you just might be able to help us. We live in a 1947 stone cape cod located in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. For 20 years we wanted to add on a major addition and sometime later we were planning on tackling the landscape. But, for a number reasons(ie:possibility of losing our jobs we had to put it off) By the time we were finally in a position to add the additon it was smack in the middle of the real estate bubble and unfortunately ended up costing us 2-3 times as much later. We did end up beginning it in 2006 and in 2008 we finished it. It ended up being a beautiful addition but we ended up taking a major hit when real estate bubble collapsed. Since 2008 we haven’t touched the landscaping idea due to being totally cash strapped so we’ve had to put it off. During that time we’ve had 3 different landscape architechs attemps but to no avail we have been totally disappointed. One gave us a beautiful drawing but they didn’t listen because it wasn’t what we asked for. The other two started it and never finished it! On top of that they never even gave us a courtesy call to let us know why or what happened. We just plain never heard from them again. Over the years I’ve even had friends say…Why don’t you take a chance and write HGTV and see if they can help! (My thoughts were…if only). I am totally frustrated and at my wits end! I’ve lived in this home since 1985 and have never had the pleasure of enjoying or using my yard. So you can just imagine how desperate I am! I don’t want to give up on my dream landscape and am hoping that a little luck will finally come our way! HGTV you are the absolute best in class when it comes to programming and one day I would love to be a part of one of your so magical transformation. Thank You So Very Much! Forever Hopeful,Lucy Dahl

  5. karen says:

    Pleaase we live in maple valley wa we really need a new kitchen and bathroom

  6. Brian Cee says:

    My girlfriend and I love vintage furniture and hunting for deals. I am a long time flea market junkie and she is a fine artist. We would love to be on flea market flip.

  7. Jenneisha Glover says:

    Please help!!! I’m a 22 year old female who’s in need of remodeling. My grandmother passed away in jan. 2012 an she left me her home. This was my first time moving out on my own an so things are new for me. The house was built in 1925 an has yet to be fixed. The foundation is falling apart on me, possumes are getting in through a hole out back and I can’t afford to get it fixed alone. Besides that the floor is falling through in the kitchen and upstairs. I can’t just give up on this house it means a lot to me an so is there anything you guys could do to help me please an thank you… p.s. I was looking for casting in my area but failed to come across any.

  8. Meagan Gaches says:

    My mom has been a barber for 34 years, with a shop in Lake Tahoe since 1991. The shop is in desperate need of a renovation and I would like to surprise them with getting it done. My parents have done and given so much for my family and I want to give back to them. I am currently attending barber school to join my mom in the shop. Unfortunately I don’t have the funds to make this surprise happen myself…is there any help HGTV can provide? This renovation would mean so much to our family. With much gratitude, Meagan.

  9. Hello, my husband & I have a home in Bartlett, Il for which we have been
    remold ing for he past 18 years. My husband is a carpenter by trade
    & has literally done all the labor with the help of family & friends.
    Our kitchen is the last of the rooms on the honey do list. He has put in
    endless time & hours in the other rooms of the house as well as the outside
    structure & landscaping. He is forever doing for others & would not
    say “no” to even neighbors that need a helping hand or advice.
    He is a hard working, devoted family man that truly could use a break
    with this last remolding of our kitchen. If there is any way that we could be
    casted for a kitchen crash, then I would be forever greatful & appreciative.
    He does soooo….. much for others & could use a break.
    We live in a community outside the Chicagoland area & have an average
    mid sized house, traditional in style.
    Both of us are the boomers of our aging parents on both of our families sides.
    Therefore, we have both had to care ‘& plan our loved ones (parents future)
    be itin Indep. living to having my father enter a Sheltered facality to tend to his
    custodian ADL’s. My mother-n-law has endured Cancer as well as a blood
    disease . We have both endured a lot of physical & emotions during
    their aging lives.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  10. Kim Ross says:

    I have been searching for the HGTV Star application for the 2014 season, but cannot find it. Have I missed the application process, or has it simply not been posted yet?
    Some help please.

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