Wanna be on TV? Casting Calls R Us

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Jul• 07•07

TvgirlEver noticed how many homes in home improvement shows are in Southern California? And why not? The studios are here. The “business” is here. The people are here. And they need a lot of houses and projects to fill those hours we so pleasantly spend in front of our televisions.

If you want to let the show biz folks know you are waiting for your close-up, here are some shows that are actively seeking subjects:

Carter Can
Do you have a challenging home improvement project? Get some help from Carter Oosterhouse, “America’s Handyman!” I heard this HGTV crew is looking for projects in the Los Feliz area.

What you get for the Money
How much did you pay for your house? Ever wonder what the same money could buy you in Miami, Chicago, Austin or Manhattan? By Fine Living/HGTV.

Beyond the Box
Beyond the Box is a new HGTV series that showcases extraordinary homes built at an ordinary price.

Haulin’ House
HGTV is looking for energetic and passionate homeowners who are picking up and moving their house from one location to another.

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