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Want an Extreme Makeover? You’ll need to answer a few questions

Want a new house? We have a few questions.To the list of extremely difficult jobs in this country, I’d like to add the task of deciding who gets a new home on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” starring Ty Pennington (pictured here). According to the network, thousands of applications are received each week.

Also among the tougher tasks one might take on in life: filling out the extremely long "Extreme Makeover" application form. Not only do you need to submit photos of the family and a compelling video of your home-related needs and desires, you also have to answer a long list of extremely personal questions. Among them:

— Does anyone in the household have a MySpace or Facebook page, blog or website of any kind? If yes, please list all the addresses.

— Do you receive state aid for foster care, disability, adoption subsidy or any other benefits of this kind? If yes, how much and for whom?

— In the event you are selected, will you be able to provide W-2s and/or your tax returns for the last three years?

— Are you current with your mortgage payments? If not, why?

— IMPORTANT: Have ANY members of your household ever been convicted of or been charged with a crime? (It could be as simple as a driving violation or as serious as armed robbery.) Be honest. We will find out sooner or later through our comprehensive background checks. If yes, please describe (include dates).

— Have you been or are you involved in a lawsuit? If so, list date of judgment or settlement and the amount.

— Do you have any debt other than your home mortgage? If yes, please describe.

— Are you friendly with your neighbors?

And there are many, many more. That neighbors item would be important. Imagine living near the ruckus involved in such a makeover operation, with no direct benefits coming to you as a neighbor.

If you’re into some full disclosure and want to apply, here’s the full application form in PDF.

(Photo: Ty Pennington Style)

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