Wanted: An upcoming kitchen or bath remodel to blog about

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Jun• 24•07


I am looking for an upcoming Southern California kitchen or bath remodel to follow on this blog.

Here’s how it works: If you and I decide your project would be a good one to blog about, you write a few diary entries per week and take a few digital photos that I would post, and let all of us follow your ups and downs, glories and challenges. Whatever you go through, we all go through. Your burden is lessened, I would think.

A few years ago I followed a modest kitchen remodel for the print edition of the L.A.Times, and I thought it was great fun to receive the homeowner’s missives every few days, from beginning to end. And it seemed like the homeowners, Val and Bernie, had fun as well. In this photo, you see their carpenter and a helper taking out the old counter. At this point in a remodel, homeowners are elated. “It’s finally starting!” they often say.

Interested in sharing your remodel and helping others understand the process better? Please e-mail me at podblog@aol.com and let’s start the conversation.

(Photo: MYUNG J. CHUN / Los Angeles Times)

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