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Weekly poll: Shower or bath most important?

LiebelerbathWhen a reader suggested recently that nobody takes baths anymore, I had a serious reaction to that. My morning bath is almost like a religion. I get to read and soak and brush my teeth and moisturize and all kinds of neat activities that help me “peace out.” I can’t stand showers. How can you read in a shower? I don’t begrudge anyone their shower. But don’t deny me a bath!

Of course, if you had a lot of cash in your jeans, you could have an amazing bathtub and an amazing shower, like the Hollywood Hills bath pictured here. The wife wanted a soaking tub; the husband wanted a steam shower. And everybody got what they wanted . . . for about $65,000.

Most of us have to prioritize. What do you think? If you were doing a bathroom remodel, which would get the most funds?

(Photo: Courtesy of Arch-Interiors, bathroom designed by Christopher Grubb)
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