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What Do You Look for in a Flea Market Chair?

Kitty Bartholomew of HGTV fame at a flea marketWhat do you look for in flea market chairs?

Kitty Bartholomew of HGTV fame shares two tips:

1) Look for chairs with a seat that can be taken off and recovered. Turn it over and see if there are screws holding the seat to the frame. If there are, the potential for recovering the seat is unlimited.

2) Try to see beyond the seat fabric. In this case, a bold tropical fabric would look much better with these rattan frames than the old-fashioned floral fabric on there now. And you know, you can paint those frames. Black lacquer would be interesting.

Photo: Sharon Cavanagh, Copyright Kathy Price-Robinson and Kitty Bartholomew

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  1. You can easily turn an older chair into something to fit your house decor. People just throw these chairs out but they can be refinished so easy.

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