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What’s Up With the Blue Wood?

Blu WoodIf you’ve noticed some houses in your area being built or fixed up with blue- colored framing lumber, roof trusses and sheathing panels, you may think the Smurfs came in at night and sprayed the place.

Actually, the blue wood is BluWood, building components with a factory-applied treatment to prevent mold and rot in wood and to repel the frisky little critters called termites that come along later to chew up and digest mold-weakened wood. This blue treatment is gaining interest because highly toxic chemicals once used to preserve wood were recently outlawed.

The problem is that much framing lumber is pretty darn wet when it’s delivered to the site, and then it might get rained on or absorb more moisture somehow. Then it gets installed in the house and closed in with thermal barriers, radiant barriers, vapor barriers, house wrap, insulation, drywall, wallpaper and so on. So the moisture gets trapped, and when there is lots of water and heat and food (wood), mold has a feast.

The BluWood treatment, the company says, allows existing water to evaporate but prevents new water from coming in. The company gives a limited lifetime warranty against mold and mildew, and the warranty is transferable. So, if framed houses start looking like they’re being built by the Blue Man Group, that’s why.

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(Photo: Garden Web Forum)