Where the money went: Carl Balton’s Mar Vista remodel

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Jul• 31•07

Baltoninside_2Here’s where the money went for Carl Balton’s Mar Vista remodel, featured in a previous post:

Electrician: $1,060
Plumber: $550 (plus one snake aquarium)
Wood floor refinishing: $1,300
Trash hauling: $270
Friends’ labor: $3,734
Bathroom fixtures, vanity: $2,000
Tile and countertop: $1,260
Tile setter: $660
Bathroom counter: $800
Shower curtain and track: $295
Bathroom materials: $703
French door: $1,605
Interior paint, moldings: $1,754
Fireplace repair: $1,600
Lighting: $767
Exterior paint: $812
Landscaping: $2,656
Ironwork, cabinetry : $614
Construction materials: $2,680

Total: $25,120

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  1. Interested says:

    Since you’re an accountant, I thought I’d ask: Can you write off your friend’s labor on your house? What if you were fixing up a rental?

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