Where to put the microwave? 14 tips

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Feb• 10•10

Where to put microwaveAnother winning piece by kitchen designer Susan Serra:

Honestly? Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, finding a place for the microwave drives me crazy! It’s not always such an obvious, easy, appliance to place. In fact, I could write a book on placing the microwave alone.

First, determine how “much” microwave you need, and by that I mean size and function. Microwaves range in a very wide variety of widths, heights, and one of the most important dimensions, depths. Take special note of the depth, once you find a microwave you like. If the microwave is planned to integrate with wall cabinetry, the depth WILL be an issue, I promise. Not only the depth, but the height as well, particularly if it requires a trim kit or other space for venting.

Easy access is desirable for universal design purposes. Microwave drawers, an image which is not shown below, are a recent great ergonomic development. Situated just below the countertop, the bending is kept to a minimum, while the upper cabinetry does not have to be interrupted by another appliance.

See the whole feature at www.houzz.com

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