3 ways to go green at Home Depot

All the wood used in this set is eucalyptus certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.I was frustrated a few months ago when I sought out green products at my local Home Depot and didn’t find much. And of course, I blogged about that.

So when Home Depot marketing person Sarah Hereford came calling, I took the opportunity to ask:

What can I buy green at Home Depot?

Here are some green-leaning items she pointed me toward:

Thomasville Nature’s Retreat seven-piece outdoor dining set

All wood parts of this set — chair frames, table top, turned table legs, etc. — are made from FSC-certified eucalyptus. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, which offers a stringent certifying process for forests and products.

Hampton Bay 3-tier solar lights

A package of six, with Siemens solar cells and LED lights. Now if only the bases and shades were made of recycled materials, that would be impressive.

Freshaire Choice (no VOC paint)

In case you didn’t know, VOC stands for volatile organic compound. Having the word “organic” in there used to confuse me. So I looked it up on Wikipedia, and learned if you substitute the word chemical for organic, as in volatile chemical compound, that sounds more like what it is, dangerous chemical compounds that are volatile, meaning they vaporize in normal conditions into the air we breathe. Not so good. Paint, adhesives and finishes with no VOCs are the way to go.

Also, Sarah says Home Depot carries FSC-certified lumber (though I have not been able to find any in my store) and Millstead pressure-treated wood that is Scientific Certification Systems Green Cross certified.

See an explanation of green product certifications from Environmental Building News.

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  1. Tex

    Eco Options is nothing more than a marketing ploy…I should know….I sat in the initial “Eco-Options” meeting at THD 4 years ago.