A Custom Stove Hood: Arnie in Downey Tells Us How

6a00d8341c630a53ef00e54f191a6f8833-800wiWhen Arnie and Lily Richards remodeled the kitchen in their Downey home — doing every single task themselves — Lily’s wish list included a custom stove hood. Arnie was a little tired from the months-long process when the job of building the hood came up. But he’s a good husband, and so he made it happen.

You can see from this photo that Arnie was victorious. (And, hey, Lily’s no slouch. She did all the tile work, among other things, including the granite tile counters.)

To figure out how to make a hood like this, I asked Arnie how he did it, and here’s what he said:

“The hood was actually quite easy to build. The guts consist of a rectangular metal box with a high-powered fan, which we purchased from Pacific Sales.



This box is mounted inside the hood framework, which consists of a framework made of 2-by-2s covered with 1/4-inch drywall, and finished with molding. The 2-by-2 framework was bolted to the wall and ceiling before applying the drywall and molding. It was really pretty simple. I also stuffed the inside of the hood with fiberglass insulation to try to cut down on fan noise. It helps a little.”

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Thanks, Arnie. And to the readers of this blog: Have you done a DIY project you would be willing to share with us? Please email a photo and a paragraph or so telling how you did it, and where you got the stuff to do it with, and how much it cost. The email address is: kathy@kathysremodelingblog.com.