A designer’s tip for budget granite counters

Enid2kitchenaftersink_2I asked local designer Enid Harris if she could recommend anyone who sold granite counters really cheap.

Here’s what she said:

“I don’t have any low-budget granite or slab people . . . nor would you want one! The best tip I can offer is the one I used: Ask a stone setter if they’d be willing to sell off any unused portion of another client’s job.

The truth is the client has already paid for the stone so it’s an incentive for the stone setter to make a little extra money as well as getting another job for the fabrication.

The homework the homeowner should do ahead of time is get the square footage of the counter they’re doing as well as the price of the stone they want.”

Thanks Enid!

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1 Comment on A designer’s tip for budget granite counters

  1. susan

    Yes, Enid is right! And, the reasons you don’t want a budget granite provider is because the slabs themselves are lesser grades, either aesthetically, or, for all you know, functionally, re hairline cracks or other issues. Also, it is less likely that a budget fabricator will have the state of the art machines, which, as I’ve seen, can make the difference between seeing an edge, which is “ripply” or one which is perfectly smooth.
    And, it is more likely that the details will not be paid attention to, such as seaming, or abiding by requested undermount sink overhangs for example, and the service will most likely be horrible, with no interest in schedules, and more. You’ll also probably never get to talk to the owner, just the very low paid employees, who usually, really, really, don’t care about your single project.They’re not being paid enough to care. Beware!