A Dust Dilemma: The rest of the story . . .

Rosebedroomceiling_4Do you recall those evocative radio tales with Paul Harvey? He would relate some beguiling and head-scratching anecdote and then intone you to come back after the commercial for . . . the rest of the story.

Well, I’m doing a similar trick here in regard to the design dilemma in Susan Rose’s Eagle Rock bedroom addition.

It wasn’t until reader lil_gaucha asked for more pictures that I realized there is more to . . . the rest of the story.

The bedroom was designed by Susan to look and feel like the knave or altar of a church. It’s really quite serene, just what you’d want for a peaceful sleep. So the focal point of the room would be toward the head of the bed, and the stained glass window high in the wall, and not toward the rear of the fireplace.

Also, in terms of the step-down into the bedroom, I forgot to mention that the benefit to that choice was avoiding too big a step down from the bedroom, through a glass door, and out to the patio. You can see the door here. And you can see the exterior of the addition here, on the right side of the photo.

So now you know . . . the rest of the story.