A galley-licious kitchen redo

Sanfranciscogalleykitchen_2I do some writing for a Better Homes & Gardens magazine and when I present my editor with a great remodel in a galley kitchen she tells me they can’t use galley kitchens because they are too difficult to photograph.

And I’m like, well most people have galley kitchens. And she’s like, we still can’t feature them.

So it was with some delight that I came across this galley kitchen remodel in the San Francisco Chronicle. It was executed by interior designer Brian Dittmar in his own Bay Area home.

The challenge with most of our kitchens, mine included, is that we can’t make them bigger, so we have to use the space we have. Here’s what I think makes this project so appealing:

The new cabinets at the end. Moving the refrigerator from the rear of the kitchen to the front (see it on the left side?) allowed room for those cabinets on the rear wall, which now makes this a U-shaped kitchen.

Lighting above the upper cabinets. This draws your eye up toward the ceiling and gives the sense of a much larger space.

Wraparound counter. By continuing the counter around the corner in a cool curved shape, the designer created a small eating area where none existed before.

I saw this done on a smaller level in a Los Angeles condo. Click here and look on the right side of the photo to see a little wraparound counter with two stools.

Light-colored cabinets. Even if you love dark woods, they can feel stifling in a smaller room. The light cabinets really open up the space.

Yes, it’s still a small kitchen, but the new version is quite handsome. It does look a little narrow, though, probably because of the camera angle. Hmm, I wonder if that editor is right and galley kitchens really are difficult to photograph.

What do you think? Does this kitchen work for you? Why or why not?

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(Photos: Brian Dittmar, San Francisco Chronicle)

6 Comments on A galley-licious kitchen redo

  1. Wanderluster

    I’m in the midst of planning my own galley kitchen reno and have come up with some of the same ideas used in this space — white Shaker cabinets, darker floors, moving appliances. I’m glad to see how it looks all together. You’re right — there aren’t many pics of galley kitchens out there so thanks for posting this one!

  2. Kristina

    Ooooh…I like it! It really seems brighter and bigger with the same square footage. Nice job. LOVE the wraparound counter too.

  3. David Kean

    What a great job. A+

  4. Brent

    You’re right. It looks great. And thanks for pointing out that wrap around counter. I might want to consider something similar now in my kitchen.

  5. Karen

    Thanks for posting about the galley kitchen remodel. I’ve got one, too and am always on the look out for what others are doing in their remodels, as preparation for my own remodel sometime in the future. This one looks as narrow as my kitchen. I can’t have a u-shaped counter because I’ve got a door on one end and a small eat-in area on the other. Keep up the good work.

  6. carl heldmann

    KPR, I worked my way through college in the restaurant business. Galley kitchens were the best! If you have to take more than 3 steps to utilize appliances, you are wasting precious energy.
    Even larger homes can take advantage of galley kitchens by using open “pass bars” into the living area.
    I still love to cook and still love, and have, a galley “work area”.