A Greener House Fit for Man and Beast

2010627119For Seattle resident Andy Luk, it’s always been about his dog, Spiff. The massive mutt is as much a fixture in Luk’s home as his collection of Asian- and nature-inspired artwork and delicate antique furniture.

The reason Luk found his hillside home in the first place? Spiff. Almost a decade ago, Luk was taking Spiff out to walk in Discovery Park, but made a wrong turn and ended up passing the house with its for-sale sign out front.

And the reason Luk chose to remodel? Again, Spiff. Luk, a rheumatologist, originally decided he just wanted to enlarge his bathroom shower so he could easily bathe Spiff, who weighs in at 80 pounds.

But with remodels, things don’t always go as planned.

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