A Hot New Career for Women — Home Energy Auditor

First, what are home energy auditors?

These are professionals (accredited through BPI or certified through RESNET) who go into homes and measure or assess how much energy is being used and wasted through leaks and lack of insulation and bad HVAC systems and watt-sucking appliances. The idea is to figure out ways to make that home more energy efficient.

Why are women good for this job?

Auditing a house is more than just saving energy. It’s also about proper fresh air infiltration, which is critical for the health and comfort of the inhabitants and the durability of the home. And women, I think, are particularly interested in a house that is healthy for them and their families, and comfortable and that will last a long time.

We come to the table with all these cares and concerns built into our DNA. As I like to say, “Home Is Everything.”

A.Tamasin_SternerEnergy auditing is a growing field (see job offerings here) and A. Tamasin Sterner (pictured here), a well-respected energy expert and teacher, is passionate about women entering the field. Check her out at Pure Energy Coach.

This is a step toward becoming a BPI-accredited auditor, or a way to get CEU credits if you’re already accredited.

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