A poetic green solution: Solar-powered air conditioner

SolarairIsn't this the most hopeful, poetic thing you've come across lately? An air conditioner that runs off solar power is so right you wonder why it wasn't invented like 50 years ago. I first spotted it on the great Curbed LA blog. Of course, there are issues. The SolCool solar-powered air conditioner is far too expensive (more than $20,000) and the solar panels we use today are not as efficient as they will be one day.

But think about it: When do you need air conditioning? When the sun is shining. And when do solar panels work best? When the sun is shining. And if it's overcast, no problem. The system runs on solar and rechargeable DC current (batteries) so it can keep going.

The system can also be used to power a water purification system, lights and fans.

I often think of we humans in our maturing process. As an emerging species, we burned wood and forests to keep warm and cook food. As our species developed, we learned to burn oil and coal.

And as we're looking for the next generation in energy creation, the blazing sun sits out there trying to get our attention.

"Dude!" it seems to be saying, "I'm a giant battery! Hello!"

How many more 100-degree days do we need to figure that out?

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1 Comment on A poetic green solution: Solar-powered air conditioner

  1. sheila

    we have reagan to thank that we aren’t a totally solar society already. this idea is hardly new! carter made huge strides towards making solar both ubiquitous and affordable, and companies were able to invest in R & D, and the economies of scale were just taking hold when reagan, in one of his “take down this wall” moments, had all the programs halted, and stripped all the solar off the white house. a 25-year corporate welfare giveaway for the automotive, oil & gas industries, brought to you by the taxpayers and the environment.
    when people complain that solar isn’t yet affordable enough or efficient enough, they need to lay the blame where it belongs — squarely on the GOP. you want change? we have a chance to get great tax credits towards renewables at home, if we will lobby for the bi-partisan HR 550 to get out of committee and into law. please make the call and help to reverse the horrible corruption and waste.