A treat in store for you

Angelo SurmelisNow don’t hate me for this, but last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Angelo Surmelis, host of HGTV’s “Rate My Space,” at his Los Angeles home.

You can see Angelo and his doggie Baxter in the photo above. I’m reflected in a mirror taking this picture, and I notice with some pride that I’m color coordinated with the hanging lamp.

The occasion for my visit was to look at Angelo’s hip new kitchen — and to do an interview about how he pulled it off — for my Pardon Our Dust series in the Los Angeles Times.

It’s one of the best economical kitchens I’ve seen yet.

It’s a shame I’d just eaten lunch when I arrived because Angelo offered me fresh fruit in a glass bowl, a lovely white layered cake (which he made!) in a really tall covered cake plate (which you can see in the photo), strong coffee and iced tea. I did partake of the latter two offerings.

We should see the full story in the paper in a couple of weeks. Like I said, don’t hate me, but do I have a fun job? Or what?

Actually, my photo is not all that good. See what Angelo really looks like here.

And by the way, what do you think of his new show?

4 Comments on A treat in store for you

  1. home remodeling va

    good job on that remodeling you did…

  2. Mary Kay Ulsamer

    Hey Kathy!
    Thought I responded last week, but I don’t see it here. So my episode aired on 7/24, called Lackluster Kitchen. I thought is was Angelo’s best Rate My Space makeover yet!
    The next repeat is on August 16th according to the schedule online at HGTV.
    It was a great experience to be a part of the show!

  3. Mary Kay

    Hi Kathy! My Rate My Space episode (#108) ran this past Thursday, 7/24, called “Lackluster Kitchen.” My rehabbed pine hutch in my kitchen inspired the homeowner’s chinese red lacquer pantry cabinet.
    It was a great experience to be involved in such a unique show. Angelo really MAKES the show. IMHO, this was his best makeover yet!
    Here’s a link to my kitchen on my DIY blog: http://www.ratemyfavoritespaces.com/search/label/Kitchen
    Here’s the direct link to my kitchen on Rate My Space, where Andy the homeowner found the idea for a piece of furniture in the kitchen: http://ratemyspace.hgtv.com/snc/ViewItem.aspx?pguid=6db6be3f-1720-4ba3-a081-999042c09b6b&itemguid=94bcf644-4f21-4f76-8c22-c5fc68ddf000

  4. Mary

    That is so cool! I’m enjoying the new show but I’m a bit biased> I’m an inspiration homeowner in an upcoming episode. So I only met Angelo thru the computer screen. Love your blog, BTW. Just started mine to share my DIY stuff. I’ll look forward to finding your article online!
    KPR: That is so cool, Mary! Are you at liberty to share with us your space on the Rate My Space website? Can you post the URL? Or does that need to be kept confidential until the show airs?