Add a Front Porch; Save the World

Plaskoff porch Have you ever driven or walked past a house that was so alluring, so charming, so warmly inviting that you felt an urge to go in and sit a spell? I bet that house had a front porch.

I’m convinced that our future as a species would be more hopeful if we all had front porches, and if we used them. Here’s how to use a front porch:

1. Sit on it

2. Greet your neighbors

That’s how it works. If we greet our neighbors as they walk their dogs, jog past, push their baby strollers, and so on, we get to know them just a little, and we start to care about them. Then, when it’s time to make lifestyle and political decisions, we have a few more people to care about.

In my own neighborhood, front porches are de rigueur. (I’ve never used that word before so let me now look it up. Ahh, it means “prescribed or required by fashion, etiquette, or custom.”) Yep, that’s it. In my own city, known for it’s friendliness, front porches are part of the reason for that. We all make eye contact and greet each other with “how ya doin’?” or “hey.” It’s salve for my soul.

But if you live in a neighborhood where front porches are rare, then it’s time to add one to your own home. Ideally, front porches are built into the architecture of the house. But if not, one must be added.

Vintagewoodworks_2004_22591560 The pink house above has an added porch. You can see, in photo below, the house before the porch was added. It’s a handsome house, but here’s nowhere to sit out front. The message is: go in the house, shut the door, and do not connect with your neighborhood.

Vintagewoodworks_2004_22467138 These photos are from a cool company in Quinlin, Texas, called Vintage Woodworks (Motto: Porches Are Our Passion), and you can find examples of your own home’s style and how it could look with a front porch.

The gorgeous porch at the top of this story was built by Plaskoff Construction in Southern California.

So if you add the porch and use it as prescribed, perhaps I or another human will walk by some sweet evening, glance your way, give a nod and call out: “Hey. How ya doin’?” What happens after that is up to you.

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    I think the disappearance of the front porch and the creation of back decks has led to the demise of neighbors knowing one another. You are so correct in saying this simple space creates a spirit of friendliness!

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