And now, a word about color trends

Lime green apples are trendy and temporary.I heard some great advice about getting hip with color trends, and I’ll share that in a moment.

But first, you have to get current. As David A. Keeps reported in this newspaper’s Home section, here’s the deal:

"Orange and red aren’t quite dead, but the trendiest hues — purple, green, silver, even pale magenta — have a blue streak. The color of the season falls somewhere between turquoise and cobalt."

So here’s the advice I heard: When you like a trendy color, don’t go out and spend $2,500 on a couch of that color, or tile your backsplash with it. The color trend will be long gone when that couch or backsplash is staring you in the face.

Rather, plop that trendy color into your life with dishes, pillows, baubles and other accessories. In fact, if you’re a color-trend fan, it might be a good idea to decorate with a neutral palette so the color of the day can be added, subtracted, changed and modified according to your whims and those of the trendsetters.

This photo shows how the residents of a Westwood condo brought the trendy color of lime green into their home without a lot of expense or long-term commitment.

(Photo: Sharon Cavanagh)