Angelina and Brad’s million fixer upper

brad pitt angelina jolie italian mansion villa Think you’ve got massive remodeling challenges? Consider the issues that must be inside the $40 million Italian villa that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt just bought. After all, it’s from the 1700s and is 18,000 square feet.

I suspect the local building community is beyond thrilled at this upcoming boost to the economy.

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1 Comment on Angelina and Brad’s $40 million fixer upper

  1. Eric Hurst

    I would love to get in there just to see the hardwood flooring that was probably in that place originally.
    The 1700’s was well before the World Wars, so at that time Europe still had plenty of good hardwoods left, and hardwood flooring was still a considerable option. Although the wealthy Italians of that time preferred marble, I’m sure there is some incredibly unique hardwood flooring SOMEWHERE in that house!