Are some landscape plants TOO wonderful?

What the heck are these and why don't I have any?On my walks lately, I keeping coming across the type of plants you see in this photo. They are in bloom right now and so gorgeous I can hardly stand it. So you might wonder, as I have: why don’t I have any of these in my garden?

It got me thinking that certain plants seem just too wonderful, like only really special people can have them, people who are enlightened and privileged, not people like me.

Is that weird? Am I the only one who denies myself, subconsciously it seems, the very bounties of the planet that would delight me so much?

What’s up with that?

P.S. Next year, I swear, at least one of these plants (whose name I apparently dare not know) will be blooming in my planter.

4 Comments on Are some landscape plants TOO wonderful?

  1. Javaman Dave

    RE:”..The native wildflower thing is great for 2 months of the year…”
    KPR gives great advice when she says you need to research before any remodel. The same is especially true outdoors. Different natives flower at different times. Lots of resources available. Check the page on the new Tree of Life Nursery site regarding which natives bloom when., then Plant Information>Planning Tools>Calendar of Color. TONS more info there too but it still comes requires trial and error depending on your micro-climate.

  2. Dean

    Kangaroo paws, love them! I have one in my yard and it’s really resilient and very colorful. Great for California landscapes…
    Congrats on the new domain Kathy!
    KPR: Thank you!

  3. Kathy Price-Robinson

    Ah, Kangaroo Paws! So that’s what they are. Thanks, Helen. Now I’m one step closer to getting one or two.
    I can relate to not knowing what to do with the yard. For at least one planter, I’d love to have something blooming each part of the year, and all of it drought tolerant. That’s as far as I’ve gotten! I guess these Paws will provide the entertainment for the spring and summer months!

  4. Helen

    Kangaroo Paws. Very pretty indeed. They come in all kinds of colors and draught tolerant too. I don’t have them in my yard either. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my yard. The native wildflower thing is great for 2 months of the year. But the rest of the year, my neighbors hate me. 🙂