Ask a Realtor: How will this remodel affect the value of my home?

Davidkean4This week on Fine Living’s Real Estate Confidential, real estate agent Connie De Groot had quite an ordeal convincing a Beverly Hills couple to spend tens of thousands of dollars removing a massive mock tree from their living room.

The “tree,” with mock branches traveling along the ceiling, was surrounded by distinctive (and expensive-looking) murals. According to the show, the couple had spent more than $1 million fixing up the house, and most of it was gorgeous. Trouble was, potential buyers were not enamored with the fake forest. In fact, offers were nonexistent. Thus, the remodel that required work to the ceiling and floor, as well as taking out a fireplace. When it was done, the house sold quickly for $2.8 million.

The moral of the story: It’s great if you want to personalize a house. Go for it. But you’ve got to ask: how will those changes affect your ability to sell the house later on? That would be good to know. So who would you ask? A real estate agent, of course.

David Kean, a Los Angeles real estate (pictured), is finely tuned about what buyers like and what they don’t like. And he’s done a good bit of remodeling on his own homes. If you are thinking doing some improvements to your home, and wonder how much value they will add to (or subtract from your home), you can ask David his opinion by posting a comment below.

(If a photo will help David understand your question better, you can email it to

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  1. BAM

    Not really in the remodeling category, but I’m curious what the effect of a native plant landscape would be versus a conventional turf grass and shrub landscape would be.
    Imagine that the native-centric landscape uses low growing perennials such as sedge and yarrow as well as pavers in place of turf grass and that both yards have similar amounts of functional outdoor space.