Ask a Realtor: Should we cover our Corian counters with granite?

CorianQuestion: I saw an episode of Flip That House where the house in Thousand Oaks had Corian counters in the kitchen and the flippers didn't think that looked like a million-dollar house, so they covered the Corian with granite tiles. Later, the real estate agent said they should have taken the Corian off completely and installed slab granite.

We are in a similar situation in that we are about to sell our house and other houses in the neighborhood are going for just over a million dollars. And we, too, have Corian counters. We love our counters, but should we replace them with granite to get the highest price for our house? Should we use granite tile or slab granite? In terms of sales value, is there any difference between natural granite and engineered quartz counters?

Answer: From Realtor David Kean:

In a million-dollar house, I would not use granite tiles. Granite slab, a quartz composite, or tile would be a much better option. To install one counter material over another is poor workmanship and inadvisable. In terms of natural granite vs. a quartz composite, they are just about the same price. And they look pretty much the same. Moreover, quartz is much lower maintenance than natural granite. So having quartz shouldn't negatively impact the value of your home. In true L.A. fashion, as long as it looks real, it’s fine. (Click below to finish reading answer.)

(Photo: DuPont Corian)

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Before you decide what to do, though, attend some open houses in your neighborhood and check out the competition. Do other kitchens nearby have Corian? If so, just leave your counters as they are as long as they are in good condition and of a neutral color.

But whatever happened to ceramic tile as an option? If you have a country or Tudor-style home, I feel ceramic tile is more in the style of the period and architecture and offers endless possibilities for a truly custom look, both in kitchens and bathrooms. Again, do some research. Hit a designer tile showroom and check out what’s happening in the world of tile. It’s an old friend worth revisiting.