Ask Kathy: Should We Remove the Wall Between Master Bedroom and Bath?

MasterbedroomDear Kathy:

My wife and I are planning several remodeling projects
around the house, among them are the usual bathroom and kitchen projects. My wife would like to have a wall torn down (pending code approval of course).
She also tends to do things without proper foresight, i.e., without thinking of
the consequences. This is a master bath. If we tear down the wall
there won’t be any privacy from the bedroom. It might be a European
style, but, we’re in South Florida. For her and I it might not be a problem. But if we ever try to sell the house it might chase away most prospects.

Who’s the best contractor/consultant to contact to get
ideas, and to discuss our plan? I’m concerned that any paid contractor
would agree no matter what we said. As long as they get paid for it then
it’s in their best interest to affirm whatever plans we discuss.

Best regards, Joe N.

Answer: Excellent question, Joe. Here’s the common equation: If
you’re going to stay in your house longer than five years, do what makes you
happy and disregard the future selling points. You’ve got to consider quality
of life now and not give up happiness for some future payoff. However, if
you’re planning on selling within a few years, you must consider the payback.

In my opinion, asking a real estate agent about future
implications is the way to go. Contractors know a lot of things, but selling
price of a house is generally not within their scope of expertise. Realtors, on
the other hand, live for this sort of thing. They know the neighborhood and preferences of local buyers.

Here’s what you do: Ask around and get a reference for a local, quality, honest, ethical, helpful real estate agent. Tell that person you will
one day sell your home and are considering some remodeling work. Ask him or her
to stop by and give you an opinion. This is an excellent time for that as many
real estate agents are struggling for business, and they are more willing to give service in hopes of future business. If that person won’t come over,
call the next one on your list.

Good luck to you and your wife. — Kathy

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    If you’re room is going to look like the one in the picture, I say go for it. Even if you do sell the house, people are going to remember the houses that stand out. A room like that will stand in the memory of any prospect. But first, don’t forget about redoing the plumbing. A toilet is only good if you can use it. All the prettiness in the world can’t help you if the toilet is broken.