Before & After Vintage Kitchen — Uptown New Orleans

I’m usually a fan of keeping old kitchen intact, even if they are worn and awkward. I just love the idea of preserving what’s been in good service for so many decades.

However, if a kitchen is totally redone in such a tasteful manner that it looks and feels even more vintage than the original, well then, that changes the game.

That’s what happened to the now-lovely kitchen of Gina M. in the Uptown neighborhood of New Orleans. Check out what she did:

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BEFORE: At a glance, it’s a nice kitchen, really, with a big double sink. But look how little counter space? Yikes! And that stove is not really for one who loves to cook.

Kathy's Remodeling Blog

AFTER: Gorgeous! What to notice: Bevel-edged subway tile backsplash. A great big farm style sink with vintage looking fixtures. Wonderful stone counters. A dishwasher! And look at all those cabinets! The pulls on the drawers are a nice touch. And why not put cabinets all the way up? We all need the extra storage space.

10653520_10204585768953731_3847585488188904244_nBEFORE: That stove top! No, no, no. sorry if you’ve got one like it. I’ve never warmed up to those. Notice the sweet little stand Gina set up trying desperately to create more counter space. The microwave is awkward. What happens you open the door with your stove top full of pots? It’s all just not a good thing.


AFTER: OK now! Much more bettah! Check out the luxury Jenn-Air range and the built-in microwave oven! And counter space! There appears to be a kitty cat on the counter, but I’m going to ignore that for now.


BEFORE: Not a bad scene with the vintage exterior door, clean white fridge with cabinet above, and a nice cabinet for dishes. To the right, the door into the restroom.

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AFTER: But oh my goodness, how much better is this? A lovely recessed stainless steel refrigerator with a larger cabinet above. And a very nice cabinet and coffee center. That reminds me. I NEED COFFEE. The subway tile backsplash ties the whole thing together.

Kathy's Remodeling Blog

AFTER: And here is it, the whole thing all together. Check out the double fan above and the stainless open shelves on the left. I’m now reformed. If a vintage kitchen is made this good, bring on the remodel! Well done, Gina.