Blend Your Own Glass Tile — How Cool Is This?

What a crazy blend. Makes you wonder what's going on inside my head.

What a crazy blend. Makes you wonder what’s going on inside my head.

Do you ever feel “terminally unique?” I do. And that’s why blending my own glass tile backsplash is so appealing. Oceanside Glasstile of Carlsbad offers an online tool for mixing up the colors you like best. Here’s my favorite blend! It feels exciting to my bones. Granted, it’s not relaxing. It’s not classic. But, it’s me.

And oh what a difference grout color makes. Here I show the same blend with (clockwise from top left) gray, green, white and red grout. Big difference!

And if you’re leaning toward green, this would be considered a green choice in terms of proximity to Southern California, if you happen to live there. These tiles are manufacturered just outside Tijuana. And in most green building philosophies, if stuff is made within 500 miles of your home, that’s a good thing.