Book Report: Garage Sale America


Garage Sale AmericaGood news, junkies! Garage-sale shopping is bigger than ever, helped along no doubt by the environmental movement’s focus on reusing and recycling. Garage Sale America, a new book by Bruce Littlefield, takes the reader on a journey of homey bargains. Here are some reader comments from Amazon:

It is a quiet chilly afternoon, and the rain is dripping down. All you want to do is to curl up with a good book, and escape the dreary day. Picture a friend stopping by and sitting down with you and taking you on a most wonderful voyage through time, place, and through many adventures. That is what will happen when you sit down to the 132-page Garage Sale America book by Bruce Littlefield.

. . . and . . .

What I did not expect, but I probably could have, is this is a design book. Here I’ve been making excuses for our psychedelic-themed bathroom, and our western-themed coffee room, and our dark and brooding theatre-like TV room. I walk into “normal” people’s homes and everything was bought to match. That’s design, right? Well, as it turns out, not necessarily.