Book Report: Marie’s Home Improvement Guide

9781580052924 If you're the type of woman who owns a full set of home fix-up tools and knows how to use them, and uses them, move along. This book report doesn't involve you.

But, if you're like me, and the biggest tool in your set is your husband, boyfriend, father or handyman, and you want more autonomy in your home-improvement projects, "Marie's Home Improvement Guide" will help.

The book stems from the experiences of the author, Marie L. Leonard, who ran a handywoman business with a twist: she not only did home improvements and simple repairs, but she also taught her women clients how to do those repairs themselves. She also taught the same subject at a community college.

The book is meaty, at about 300 pages, but not flashy. For instance, the simple illustrations are all black and white. But this book is not for flipping through like you would a Pottery Barn catalogue and admiring the pretty pictures. This book is about words and ideas to help women become comfortable and competent with tools, shopping for materials, and making repairs.

Just reading for a few minutes I learned something I didn't know: A miter saw is also called a chop saw because when the blade comes down it basically "chops" a piece of wood in half. This is different from other types of saws that move along a piece of wood, or along which a piece of wood moves.'

If you already knew this and you're saying to yourself, oh anybody knows that, again I suggest you click on through. But if you have a lack of knowledge and little confidence for making simple home improvements, and the men in your life are as tired of catering to your needs as you are in asking them to do things for you, Marie Leonard is a good teacher.

Ms. Leonard can't come to all our homes and teach us to hang a picture or replace a doorknob. But she has sent this book and we would be wise to read it.

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  1. Eddie Williams

    “But, if you’re like me, and the biggest tool in your set is your husband, boyfriend, father or handyman,….” – I actually feel like a tool sometimes, being used and needed only for my manhood when it comes to home DIY projects.