Brad Pitt’s New Orleans Recovery Creates World’s ‘Biggest Green Community’

A project helping New Orleans recover from Hurricane Katrina, fronted by Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, will build what’s being dubbed as the ‘largest and greenest community of single-family homes’ in the world.

The post-Katrina housing initiative Make It Right New Orleans has already built 13 homes that meet the highest standards of the US Green Building Council, LEED Platinum, and there are plans in the pipeline for at least 150 more platinum homes.

They will be built in a part of the city nearest the disastrous breech Industrial Canal Levee which wiped out by the neighbourhood.

Speaking at an event honouring social and environmental projects, former President Bill Clinton said: “Make It Right is showing us how we can transform those parts of our nation that have fallen behind the most, whether through neglect, poverty or disaster.”