Bringing back the iron

Natural fabrics are coming back. So let's bring back irons as well.Perhaps it was on the same the day scientists figured out how to nanotechnologize (a new word, you read it here first) Dockers slacks to repel all wrinkles and stains that home designers decided we no longer needed a place for an ironing board.

Au contraire! In fact, some of us prefer natural fabrics like cotton, which do, indeed, wrinkle and need ironing from time to time. And so we haul out the ironing board, which has no dedicated home, and retrieve the iron from the hobby room or the workshop table.

Wouldn’t it be easier to install an ironing center right between two studs near the washer and dryer? That’s where Marley Engineered Products is the answer to a prayer. The company makes the ironing centers you see here, which were named a Weekly Top 40 for architects and designers by Design Journal magazine.

You can get an ironing center with an electrical outlet or not. The full-sized board swivels and has three height adjustment, and there are shelves for various sprays. Plus, the shelf for the iron is adjustable to accommodate larger irons. The doors are sold separately, and you can choose between birch veneer, framed mirror and oak veneer.

You can read installation instructions in PDF to see what you’d be getting into. The center with electrical will run you somewhere north of $300, and the door is an extra $75.