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August 2007

A bamboo sink? Uh, I dunno . . .
Have a hard time picturing new space? Get a scale model made
Young designers learn the facts of remodeling life
Is a down real estate market the best time to remodel?
Who do you recommend?
'Not So Big House' DVD now available
Dear Green Builder: I'm obsessed with granite countertops . . .
Green modular home to be introduced at West Coast Green building conference
Blog about your remodel? It's all good
Designer to pedestal sink: Goodbye and good riddance!
Ask a Realtor: How important is master suite in upscale area?
A large dose of charisma
Most helpful home improvement shows?
10 stupid things homeowners do . . .
Email from your trash can: 'Empty me, I'm full'
A week at design school
Weekly poll: Shower or bath most important?
When architecture alone is not enough . . .
Ask a Realtor: Play room or large laundry room better for flipper house?
Ask an Expert: Repair or replace damaged deck?
Tired of your cabinet doors? Take them off
McMansion Backlash: The Small House Society
Why do budgets bloat? A kitchen designer explains the phenomenon . . .
Even Clark Howard's remodel went 15% over budget
Overcooked kitchen remodels cost too much?
If this self-centered property flipper seems normal to me, have I lived in California too long?
Green remodeling ideas for the rest of us

July 2007

Weekly Poll: Whose opinion matters most?
Why does Carl Balton look so proud? Maybe it’s his $25,000, 2-month remodel
Where the money went: Carl Balton’s Mar Vista remodel
Architects’ own Venice remodel wins national AIA award
Get the Martha vibe without moving to Riverside County
Greening Pasadena bungalow on a budget
Drama in rehab: Test your flipping IQ
Inside the contractor’s mind: The good and the bad
Ask a Green Builder: What kind of carpeting is healthy for a kids’ room?
Here’s a riddle: Why does a “construction guy” hire a general contractor for his own remodel?
Remodel highs and lows
It’s not just a shower, it’s an experience
Ask an Expert: Is entire property reassessed for taxes after an addition?
Recent appliance recalls . . . or, that’s why you fill out warranty registration cards
More recalls you should know about . . .
For West Hollywood actor Cyrus Deboo, a DIY kitchen brings life lessons
The newest trend in stuff: Freecycling
Q&A: Advice needed on greening up Las Vegas home
Q&A: When remodeling a kitchen, who ya gonna call?
How to find a contractor . . . tips from an industry insider
Green alternatives for countertops
Remodeler’s Challenge: What’s up with that fireplace?
The trouble with subcontractors
A poetic green solution: Solar-powered air conditioner
Q&A: Is building green worth it?
Tips for the contractor remodeling Victoria Beckham’s home
Ask a Green Builder: What is a green solution for replacing fascia boards?
Street tree coming down? It could be your new breakfast bar
A tiny Westwood kitchen in a New York state of mind
The five-dollar floor finish
How I helped my parents remodel their Eagle Rock kitchen — Part 4
Gewgaw? Or nah?
Ask a Realtor: Will an open floor plan bring in top dollar?
How I helped my parents remodel their Eagle Rock kitchen — Part 3
How do we remodel? Let me count the ways . . .
Pedestal sinks: Faddish, fabulous or folly?
Book: The E-Myth Contractor
Ask a Contractor: Is a retractable glass wall leading to a deck feasible?
The rule of five
Ceiling oppressively low? Blast away an upstairs bedroom
How much does a kitchen remodel cost?
Contractor red flags
Ask a Realtor: Extra bedroom or amazing closet better for resale value?
Clotheslines are the new cool
How I helped my parents remodel their Eagle Rock kitchen — Part 2
How not to paint your kitchen cabinet doors
Two siblings, two identical kitchens, two totally different approaches
Ask a Realtor: Does laundry room or larger kitchen bring greater value?
OK, this design software is too much fun . . .
Ask a Contractor: Alon Toker
How I helped my parents remodel their Eagle Rock kitchen — Part 1
Need help choosing colors? Try a “Design Plan in a Can”
Southern California house blogs
Got a remodeling question?
Solar panel lessons from the field
Ask a Green Builder: How green is bamboo flooring?
10 trends in green kitchens
My fantasy: Outsourcing home remodeling
A Craftsman comeback
Park Haus Blog: See how this Burbank addition evolves
Wanna be on TV? Casting Calls R Us
Ask a Landscaper: How do we install patio columns?
The anti-McMansion
Ask a Contractor: How much to upgrade 1950s home?
On a day like this, maybe a pool is a good investment after all
California students win national construction competition
Book Report: Remodel This!
Ah, so this is what a “green” house looks like