But can your iPhone roast a brisket?

3_tmioOK, so this contraption that chills and then cooks your dinner — and responds to phone prompts — costs nearly $8,000. That’s ridiculous, of course. But once the early adopters help work out the kinks (as with the iPhone), and the technology geniuses make it more affordable (ditto), this may be our future.

The new Connect Io Intelligent Oven by TMIO — voted by developers as one of the coolest products to be displayed at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Francisco — is a refrigerator and oven in one.

Want to come home from work to a home-cooked meal? Well, get a wife. Just kidding. A simpler plan is to put your chicken in a pot in the morning or the night before, surround it with potatoes, onions and carrots, and leave it in the TMIO on refrigeration mode.

Then, an hour or so before you’re set to arrive home, call your oven and tell it, via voice prompts, to get cooking. Or, use your computer at work to make the commands. And if something comes up, maybe a late meeting or impromptu drink that makes you want to delay the oven’s starting time or switch to the warming mode, even single people will have a reason to say, “Excuse me, I’ve got to call home.”

(Originally published here May 8, 2007)

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