Can this guy be helped? I don’t know

Helpsmall_3I found this cry for help from a retired police officer posted on the website of Professional Remodeler, a contractor magazine.

I need HELP! I had my Ranch Home renovated in Sept. 2006 by a Contractor from HELL! He has started many jobs and finished NONE. My home is a wreck! I added on 18 — 25 feet to the rear. I enlarged my kitchen and Master bedroom and knocked down a wall in the Den. The Contractor is moving so slow (Spent the money trying to flip another home)! Anyway, he will show up and do very little work. On May 5, 07 he had the coils layed and mud was covered over it. I have been waiting over a month for the floor to be layed. Now, i am waiting for the tile to be placed on the floor in the Kit. & bathroom. Plus, doors, fixtures, lights, and electrical outlets do not work. He promised to build racks/cabinets in two of the newly remodeled closets. He is the Contractor from HELL!! Can you HELP me get this job completed before Sept.07?

I feel terrible about the suffering this guy is going through, his house torn apart, the contractor missing and distracted with flipping another house.

This is an absolute mess, and no contractor is going to rush in and try to fix this. Contractors will run from this. Even a well-orchestrated remodel is chaotic. The retired police officer did not specify how he found or qualified this contractor, but my guess is that this isn’t the most respected remodeling company in town.

Any thoughts on this poor guy and his situation?

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  1. Willie

    Here is the link of the just completed remodel. Thank for your comment on my post.

  2. Kathy Price-Robinson

    Willie, that’s a great idea. Rather than wishing that another general contractor would step in and clean up the mess, the retired police officer would be better off just getting subcontractors in there to keep going. Even if he couldn’t handle the stress and coordination that would require, maybe there’s a relative or friend who could help with scheduling. At least this gives him a way forward and he’s not just sitting there in misery. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Willie

    I just underwent a major remodel in my townhouse and his story reminded me of my own dealings and tribulations. It is obvious that our person paid the contractor far ahead of schedule since he was able to use our victim’s money to flip a house somewhere else.
    If there is money left, it is time to fire the contractor and start doing the work yourself (hiring different individuals to complete certain phases of the job). Since our retired police officer, is retired, he should have the time to keep an eye on those working in the house. I had to do this, and it worked! I was able to finish my project a lot sooner than anticipated. My friends were asking who was my contractor and I proudly said me. The townhouse looks, needless to say, stunning and completed on time and below budget. Give it a try. Good luck!